Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finders Keepers

My kids provide endless hours of entertainment and are the best comedians.

It is really worth taking them with you to the grocery store in order to hear this conversation (and others like it):

Andrew (12 years old) : Sweet! Look what I found in the couch!

I glance over and see a dollar.

Oohs and aahs echo through the van.

Me: Andrew, just because you found a dollar in MY couch doesn't make it yours. It belongs to someone, and you really should at least try to find out who before you claim it as your own.

Impish smile.

Andrew: MOOOOOOM, you know how it goes. Finders Keepers!

Me: That's not a very nice little adage is it? I mean think about it. How does it end?

Confusion followed by blank stare.

I continue prompting.

Me: You knooooow, Finders keepers...

Riley pops up from the back seat.

Riley: Ooooh! I know! I know! Finders keepers, LOSERS WEEPERS!!!!

I look over at Andrew, whose eyes widen momentarily. He looks taken aback. Then,

Andrew: Oh wow. I didn't know that. I've never heard it that way before.
(pause) Mom? Is that the King James Version?

He was totally serious.

I laughed so hard I almost had to pull over.

Just a little reminder to take the time to enjoy your kids (or grandkids) this weekend...



  1. Hahahahahha! You should send that to Reader's Digest!


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