Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jesus Crutch

Some scoff at Christ's followers, sneer and ridicule, and say this way of life, this believing faith, is a crutch.

I couldn't agree more.

Finding a definition for the word crutch, one will find synonyms like "support" or "assist", and descriptions of how this implement helps those who are handicapped, infirm or lame.

Translated into spiritual terms, I find this applies quite nicely.

The scoffers meant this for evil, but I see good. Because I see something they do not.

They think only those who are weak-minded need such a crutch, such assistance, that they are pathetic to behold. The truth is, none of us is capable of taking one single step without God, and those who deny this are the saddest spectacles to behold. They stumble along and claw their way and sit frozen still, unable to move forward. All the while they loudly call out insults to the One whose heart breaks to see them lame, suffering, and they swear that they do not need help. They sit paralyzed in their defiant independence.

Those with the Jesus-crutch, who lean on Him, are the ones who walk.

I hope this analogy will not offend, because Abba Father is due all respect and adoration, and that is truly my intent here. Surely no one despises a lame person their crutches, but they smile glad that they have help, yes?

Jesus is not a treatment you take once, like a pill, and then you are done with Him and never need bother with Him again. We are truly blessed who recognize our own lameness, our need, those who lean heavy on Him who is our support, He who helps us walk this beautiful walk of faith.


  1. So true. I've often wondered about the pain that exists in those skeptical hearts, the anger that leads to scoffing. I've had dreams of them weeping when they see that He has loved them, been with them every step of the way and showered them with undeserved favor when they were so lost.

  2. This is my first visit here, but I will be back to visit again soon. I love what I find here! You have a beautiful family...

    I so agree with you when it comes to the point that those scoffers are the ones to be pitied because they are stumbling in the dark, unwilling to accept Who would give them rest.

  3. Amen! He is my crutch...and a stretcher for the dying. We can do nothing without Him. Praise you for living out loud for Him.


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