Monday, August 16, 2010

*Get* Me

Nap time is usually a time Aiden looks forward to, as he climbs into mama's bed, pulls up the covers, and snuggles in close. In a few short minutes, he is sleeping peacefully, and rarely does he so much as resist.

But today, although he got into bed without much resistance, he began to cry. He was mumbling something unintelligible, and though I am frequently able to decipher his language, today I had no luck.

For each word he uttered, I only looked confused and asked, "What do you want?"

He kept repeating himself, over and over, louder and more frustrated, crying the entire time.

Finally, I asked the right question. "Do you want a bottle?"


The crying abruptly stopped, he snuggled in, let me hold him, quietly, and was asleep in about two minutes.

But here is the irony: I didn't give him the bottle!

As I laid next to him, I began to realize what he wanted most of all, more than even getting what he wanted... He wanted to be understood.

And I relate to this. Because sometimes the hardest obstacles in life can be endured by knowing there is someone who understands you, who empathizes, who loves you.

I am thankful for the many people in my life that *get* me. Christian friends, loving family, hybrid husband/best friend. Father-God, who understands me best of all, who knows my thoughts and struggles even when I can not find words to express them.

It's enough to make a girl crawl into bed at night and sleep soundly.


  1. To be understood, so true. This post made me smile

  2. What a sweet reminder to pause and remember those rare few who get me, including you. For this, I am humbled and so, so thankful! xo


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