Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Homeschool

Today kicked off the first day of school in our house, and wow, do I have a lot of my plate. Up early, chores began. Trever made these handy laminated clipboard charts that have all the children's chores listed for them, and this was wonderful.

We began at about 8 am. Josiah and Libby are having reading lessons this year. Then we went into spelling with Dylan, Andrew and Riley (all at different levels) and they all had to do math. We have teaching textbooks, so that helps a lot. Gives me time to work with another child on another subject.

We did history and geography as a group. And Bible study- same thing. They worked alone to do copywork, creative writing, reading....

Nap time went fairly well. I was hoping not to need one, but I think I was comatose after about two minutes.

After nap came read aloud hour. This was actually the toughest part of my day. I had little kids fighting and yelling over toys and crayons and had to stop repeatedly to break them up.

And did I mention we had to call the air conditioning maintenance man to come check our a/c? We paid $55 to have him tell us it is working just fine, it's just REALLY hot outside. Grrrrreat. Well, we COULD replace it with a bigger unit. It ONLY costs $4,800. Yeah. No thanks.

Anyway, all in all things went well. But it is a LOT of work. I have a sixth grader, a fourth grader, a third grader, a first grader, a kindergartner, one pre-k and a 2 year old AND an eight month old.

At the end of the day, Trever told me how proud of me he was and asked if there is anything I can do to make things easier tomorrow. My answer? Yes. A maid, a nanny, and a tutor. Yep. That should about cover it.

Looking forward to art on Friday though, and wondering how the kids will like science on Tuesdays and Thursdays...

Got the babies bathed, and I have to tell you, I love the smell of clean babies. Snuggled with Owen and Aiden, kissed middle kids goodnight, and am currently listening to Trever play some form of educational Jeopardy with the oldest three.

Homeschooling requires a lot of time and energy, but I can't complain. I love being able to be home with my children. I love watching their faces light up when they get all of their spelling words correct or learn to sound out a word or draw something I INSIST must go up on the wall- it's just THAT good. Wouldn't trade those moments for anything.

And I think I will need to be reminding myself of that tomorrow when it is hot (again) and kids are running and screaming and hitting each other upside the heads with the maracas they painted with my sister this weekend, and the dog grabs a sandwich out of a child's unsuspecting hands, and an entire roll of toilet paper has been unwound all over the bathroom floor...

Because really, it's a good life. :)


  1. It is a good life! We don't start for about another month. Keep up the great work :)

  2. It's all good, yes? You have a remarkable way of keeping things in perspective, Amy. For those times when the kids are fighting, it's hot and you just would like a vacation...remember someone is praying for! :) Adding you right now to my list. Looking forward to hearing about the children's accomplishments throughout the school year.

  3. I commend you for starting in August. Boy, do I remember those days! I homeschooled all my children 'till they went to college, and Bron, who's still at home, works pretty independently now. Homeschooling isn't for the faint at heart. Blessings, and may you more and more see the rewards.

  4. You are Amazing Amy! I find it busy with four!!!
    Don't put to much pressure on yourself. Rest in Him often :)Take Joy....
    These are my mantras ~smile~
    Sending Blessings.


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