Thursday, August 5, 2010


I can list a hundred things I got done yesterday. Everything from preparing dinner to teaching a reading lesson, from making sure my kids got their school work done to reading aloud. From discipling little hearts and disciplining little rebels. But what I find so interesting is that the best part of my day was realized when little Justice climbed up in my lap while we were all in the living room as a family, and he just let me rock him and snuggle him and kiss his chubby cheeks. And he told me he loved me.

A few minutes later, Aiden noticed there was room in my lap, even with his brother there, and he climbed up there too. The three of us rocked and loved, happily, until Owen realized he also needed me, and Trever had to come love on a baby too.

We ate ice cream cones full of Blue Bell ice cream and watched a talent show as a family. Aiden grinned and giggled and dripped all over the floor and I didn't sweat it. I smiled and told the boys to let the puppy in and he happily obliged in cleaning up.

And my heart felt full and life made sense, even if just for a few hours.

Sure, there were little failures (getting overly frustrated a time or two, unrealistic expectations...) and lots of small victories (Libby Lu eating her yellow squash without complaint, all the children being cooperative during nap time, little light bulbs going off all through lessons, seeing the "I get it!" face over and over...). But the thing that matters most, are the matters of the heart.


It is the greatest victory.


  1. Yes, love. If only we could constantly remember to put on love :)

  2. Loved your post! It is amazing to me, as one who lives with chronic pain, that it only sometimes take a slight touch to help ease the stress that adds to the pain. Love never never endures! Thank you, Amy, for sharing today. I could just envision the scenes you depicted as one by one your children decided they needed some "love" too...mama love. SO sweet!

  3. Its awesome that the little simple things are what you focus on to fill your heart. In this age where most people have turned to personal entertainment devices to keep themselves from interacting with other people and God I find this enlightening. I get a picture of the Lord waiting for us to crawl into his lap and tell Him we love Him.

  4. Thanks to all of you.
    John, thank you for that beautiful picture- climbing into Abba's lap and telling Him we love Him. What an amazing thought....

  5. I relate to this post so much. Love, yes love is the eternal piece of our lives.
    When all else falls apart Love remains.


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