Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holy Discontent

In response to L.L. Barkat's suggestion to engage in stream-of-consciousness writing (or free writing) and to contribute to Emily's Imperfect Prose, I decided to try, for the first time, to write whatever comes to mind, without trying to make a point. To see what new insights might emerge. This is about as imperfect as prose can get, and discerning my ink-vulnerability may confuse. Then again, it may not.

August 5, 2010 Sabbath on the page

struggling to begin
anxious to find words that fit
square pegs, round holes....

straining with frustration
wanting to create something lovely with my word-offerings
with my life

this cyclical life
seems always to ride a wild rush
like a wave
it recedes back to deep
to the place i struggle to find my footing
though standing on tippy toes

treading water becomes exhausting
and it takes every bit as much energy as swimming
without going any where
but at least i have stayed afloat
i will not drown

sudden bursts of inspiration
and i inch forward

holy discontent


  1. I hae no words....once again I feel as though you entered my soul and wrote my thoughts...only in a way I never could...beautiful...sad...triumphant...

  2. ooh, stream of consciousness is hard. great work, here. glad i found you through emily's place.

  3. over weight of joy to read you.
    lovely piece.

  4. i LOVE this idea of holy discontent... brilliant. thank you so much for linking up, beautiful friend.

  5. Wow, creative thinking and love the "holy discontent' many layered thinking here.


    from Emilys

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here with us. Thought provoking!

  7. Love the title, love that you're working on it. Holy discontent echoes my own struggle at times. Hope to see you next week at emily's!

  8. thanks for this lovely reflection... I'll post it on the God in the Yard Facebook page

  9. oh, here's the page :)

  10. This makes me think. I'm amazed that this is a free write! So many of your words echo in my own experience. "Struggling to find our footing, inching forward," we will stand, for He promises to "keep us from stumbling and to make us stand in the presesnce of His glory blameless with great joy." (Jude 24)

  11. Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful.<3

  12. wonderful.

    sigh, I know this Holy Discontent.

  13. you managed to create sth lovely with your words...

  14. This is amazing writing!
    I love the way it develops, moves, breathes, surges, ebbs and flows.


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