Wednesday, October 20, 2010

breast cancer

sometimes we get caught up
in silly trends, catchy ideas...
we forget what we're doing might be fun,
interesting, trendy
but not really all that helpful.

when i think of breast cancer,
that awful disease
i ache.
it is a thief, stealing away life and vitality
from those we love and cherish.

and sometimes, i wonder
what can i do? how can i help?
could i make a difference?

but what makes a true difference is not
the posting of my bra color,
crude slogans that demean women,
obscure messages about where i like my purse....

love, support
a listening ear
a shoulder to cry on
a heart that cries with them

buying things that support research
helping find a cure.

the flowers that adorn my dresser
pink and white daisies
my husband brought home to me.
the profits go toward helping in the fight
and he smiles as he tells me...

a gift for both his wife, now present
and his grandmother, who fought breast cancer,
whose memory will never be truly gone.


  1. sorry to hear about his grandmother...thanks for the awareness as is a dreadful disease...all cancer family has been greatly touched by it...

  2. Lovely Mom fought and is a thriver for nearly 14 years now...but I know so many who did not survive. Thank you for your compassionate words and actions that do indeed make a difference.

  3. YES! thank you for your reminder to do things that actually help. your beautiful words are so true!

  4. i am sorry for the struggle that you and your family have seen of this awful disease. and i agree, lousy fb statuses can't-won't-do anything to change, it is the funding and the research and yes, the awareness of the above. thank you for your gracious reminder to do something.

  5. Amy this is a beautiful tribute to those struggling with breast cancer...and yes, his grandmother's memory will never be gone...:-)

  6. thank you, friend, for writing this gorgeous tribute... you help lighten people's burden with your love and your peaceful words... love to you. xo


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