Thursday, December 30, 2010

Practicing Prayer post 1

In order to begin my year of prayer, I thought is would be an excellent idea to pick up an inexpensive, very basic wristwatch with one vital feature- that it chimes on the hour. It is a simple way to remind myself to stop, slow, pray.

Today begins day one. And I thought things were going amazingly well, actually. We decided to take a trip up north to visit Trever's family for a few days while he had a few days of leave from work. We packed up the van the night before with everything we would need for ten people for five days. We got up and ready, I had my coffee in hand, and promptly at 7 a.m. we were on the road.

The 7 o'clock chime reminded me to start. I lifted up my heart to the Lord, asking for His protection for our trip and giving thanks for a new day. And honestly, I was amazed at how, as each hour chimed, I could find so many things in the hour to lift up in thanks, my heart was singing and full of joy.

Happy baby babbling.
Quiet children listening attentively to our new books on cd.
Children oohing and aaahing at the scenery- mountains, snow, icicles!
Love-infused touches from Trever.
Holding hands.
Carmel latte.
Leg warmers keeping the draft out.

For several hours, this went on. It was bliss. The majesty of the mountains. The crystalline icicles sparkling in the sun. The rays of sunshine bursting through clouds...

My eyes were open to His glory all around, my lips full of His praise, heart full of thanks.

And then.

Yes, I got a dose of the "hard eucharisteo" as sweet Ann calls it in her amazing book.

More of that in the next post...

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