Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The windows are up in my house today, and breeze blows through. It is quiet, children napping, and the baby sleeping snuggled into me makes me decide it is time to slow down.

And I think about how I can't really, because I have things to do- potatoes that need to be scrubbed and peeled for soup for tonight and a Bible study that needs to be completed before class and I wonder how I am going to get it all done...

But then, this feels more like Bible study anyway, because I can feel Him here, making house hallowed, and I am happy that I am barefoot after all. Peace reigns and a quiet chorus sings in the slumber of sweet babies. And me? I just want to be here. Fully. Present to His Presence.

And it feels like that is all that is needful right now.


  1. This speaks to me. Enjoying His Presence in all places.

  2. barefoot in His presence is something that has gotten me thinking lately as well. I pray that I would learn to slow and know what is needful. to be a Mary instead of a Martha

  3. fully present in His presence sounds both wonderful and scary. clearly this is something i need to work on.

  4. those moments really are the best. i hope you have many of them... every day!

  5. oh amy, yes... this is bible study. standing barefoot, child clinging, scrubbing potatoes, thinking of him. and i see him, in the beautiful faces of your children lining this blog. keep being, keep knowing him deep, friend.


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