Monday, February 21, 2011

Let Go

I think every parent has a particular pet peeve about their children. I will tell you ours:

Our children simply can not stand not knowing all the details.

If they find out we are planning a trip, they begin plying us with endless questions. When are we going? What time will we leave? Who is going to be there? Can we bring such and such with us?

I really can NOT over-emphasize how many questions they can think to ask. It boggles the mind.

So, Trever and I have resorted to trying to plan everything out in secret. And we certainly don't discuss hypothetical plans in front of them. That's like asking for a million inquiries before we've even gotten an opportunity to decide if we're really serious about doing it in the first place.

But even if we have managed to plan everything out in secret, we can't altogether avoid questions, because as soon as we tell the children to get in the van (or pack a bag for two nights, or get their socks and shoes on, etc.) the questions begin.

To be honest (and we have told the children this before when we were just not in the mood to answer a lot of questions) sometimes it would be nice to have them just sit back, and wait and see.

I was talking to one of my besties on the phone this morning, and we were discussing how sometimes life is un plan-able, and how that can be scary. How we would appreciate it if God would lay out all the details, so we knew what was going to happen.

But God doesn't work that way.

And, maybe if He did, we wouldn't be as compliant as we think we might be. Maybe, knowing the whole plan might cause us to run in the other direction with our hands over our ears, pretending we didn't hear it. Like Jonah.

Maybe God would appreciate it if we would just sit back, wait and see.


I think trust can be a hard lesson to learn.

But I am determined, that every time my children start plying me with questions (some anxiety ridden and some all curiosity) to let this be a reminder to myself. God has all the details worked out. It's okay to ask Him questions, but in the end, I need to trust Him. To sit back, relax, and wait and see.

Oh yeah, and enjoy the journey!

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  1. hee!

    this is actually one of my pet peeves too. I hate having to 'splain myself to my kids. "I've got it under control! Just relax!" But I am learning that it is a respect issue with my teens to give them the same kind of info I would another adult, since they are learning how to manage and plan things for themselves. Doesn't mean I like it though!


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