Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Letter To My Husband

Dear Trever,
I tell you everyday that I love you. And I mean it.

But I think, sometimes, saying the words "I love you" can get a bit ordinary, a bit routine. So I thought maybe it might be a good idea to tell you what I mean when I say those three words...

I appreciate you. The way you care for me, in sickness and in health. The way you support me, financially, emotionally and spiritually. I love the way you love me and our eight children. The way you are always trying to do a little better. All the ways you help me... Thank you. It means more than you might know.

I adore you. I see your tender smile or listen to your infectious laughter and I swoon. You make me smile every. single. day. Being your wife brings me so much joy.

I'm committed to you
. No matter what. through thick and thin. When things are easy and fun and when they are strained and difficult. When you make me laugh and when you make me cry. All the time- I'm yours.

I'm thankful for you. God has used you, and our children, to so radically transform my life that it is sometimes a little bit unrecognizable to me. And I could never be grateful enough for that.

I pray the next time I say those three words, you will know all they encompass for me. Those words are full. And they are true, now and always.

I love you, Mr. Smith.

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