Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scripture Memorization

*Note* Our family worked on memorizing the sermon on the mount last year at this time. I'm reposting now to join with the community over at Ann's. It was a wonderful experience. I hope this post might encourage parents. Children really are amazing.

For the entire month of March, we read the sermon on the mount (Matthew chapters 5-7) every night, as a family.

After we had done this for about two weeks, we noticed some of our children were able to recite several verses without looking at their Bibles. So, we challenged them to see if they would be able to memorize bigger portions of scripture. All of them had something to contribute, and this, being the last day in March, was the day to see how far they had gotten.

We share this with you to show how faithful Bible reading produces awesome fruit! (And because our kids are adorable.) :)

First, Dylan, our 8 year old, recites Matthew chapter 7:

Second up, Riley, our 10 year old, also recites Matthew chapter 7:

Third, Andrew, our 12 year old, who took on Matthew chapter 6:

Next is Josiah, age 7, who recites a section about loving your enemies:

Libby, age 6, recites the Lord's prayer:

Justice, age 4, also recites the Lord's prayer. Yes, he says "our" kingdom and "our" will. Still, purdy good:

Last up, Aiden, our 2 year old, also {sort of} recites the Lord's prayer. (And I just have to say I think he is really stinkin' cute!! He got annoyed with me towards the end because I was helping too much.)

Finally, Trever challenged the children to write a song about some of the verses they memorized, and Riley came up with this song. (You'll notice how much Aiden LOVES this song!!He is the one who keeps saying "here we go!" and "one more time!")

Now, for the month of April, we are going to read the book of James every night. Would you please bless us with your prayers? That we would get His Word into our hearts and lives? Thank you, kind friends.

Be encouraged! Our labors are not in vain and His word never returns to Him void!!


  1. Aw...those are so cute! It's good to see an update of how they all look!

    Miss you guys,

    ~Tori L.~

  2. What beautiful children. I loved hearing their accents (I know they don't have accents, I do :)

    1. Ohmygoodness. This is like a full year later and I am just now seeing this. You are so funny Theresa. Accents! Hahaha!

  3. Amy! Thank you for sharing this, so beautiful to hear you sweet children reciting so amazingly!
    The beattitudes and the sermon on the mount are my favourite parts of the Bible :)
    I think we might try this as a family too.


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