Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jesus is Coming Soon

I was married to a soldier. And my soldier had been deployed to Iraq. For 15 months.

Our 6th child, who I had given birth to 2 weeks before my husband went overseas, was now walking and talking, and I wondered how he would bond with the daddy he had only seen in pictures and over the computer.

I also wondered how the rest of the children would adjust to having their daddy home.

We were all terribly excited, knowing he would be returning soon. But we didn't know when. We only knew it would be soon. The military had not given us exact imformation, in order to keep the soldiers safe. We just needed to prepare for his return the best we could and wait....

I was sitting in a Sunday school class one morning during this time and the class was discussing the return of Jesus Christ, asking whether we were ready for His return. There was a lot of discussion, but the general gist of the conversation was that most of the people in my class did not feel ready and were unsure how to feel about His second coming.

And that is when it hit me.

Jesus is our heavenly bridegroom and we are to LOVE Him. We are supposed to purify ourselves- to get ready for Him. We are supposed to be excited about Him coming back.

It all made sense in my heart, and I shared with my class about Trever coming home soon from Iraq. How much I loved him, missed him, how thrilled I was to know that one day soon, he would walk through our door and I could run up and throw my arms around him and hold him close.

And yes, I want to be ready. I'd like the house to be clean and the kids bathed and myself looking as beautiful as possible. That's the way I'd want it. That's what I was trying to prepare for.

But honestly? Even if he walked through the door and found the house was strewn with baby toys and a wife who hadn't been able to take a shower for a couple days with baby spit up on her shirt... I'd still be so thrilled to just see his face!

My point? Yes, get ready! We want to be purified, prepared. But don't stress. This is a love reunion. The thrill of seeing your beloved will make all else fade away.

And we know He is coming soon.


  1. Oh, yes, Amy!

    I love this. So true. It is a love reunion. The greatest love reunion of all time.

  2. Yes Amy - yes!

    Thrilled to see Him coming - I wonder who would not be? And tho' I know that I will have the house a "mess" - most likely! - I will still forget all but Him - His being here.

    Thanks for perspective - for sharing your thoughts - and for sharing your faith!

  3. Wonderful post, Amy. We were not able to go to church today, so we watch our son Casey's church online and this was the subject of his message.

    Send me a message and let me know how you are doing. I've missed you.



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