Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sometimes, though I have so many words and thoughts floating around in my head, I can't seem to organize them into anything cohesive. There is this desire to write, to share, and yet, a struggle to find the right words....

Today is like that.

I sit in my home with all my beautiful children and sometimes, though I love them with all my heart and find them to be the most delightful and interesting people I have ever met, well... sometimes they make me sad.

Because sometimes, they are just not very nice to one another.

And this makes me think about God. Because, it seems to me, this is what His heart was trying to express as well. Right after He told us to love God with all our hearts, He told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. To do unto others as we would have them do to us.

I wonder if God wasn't just asking His children to be kind to one another.

That is certainly what I would love to see my children do.

When I see my children love one another, care for one another, put one another first, it makes me happy.

The things that happen inside the nucleus of a family are the same things that happen in society. Just on a much smaller scale.

If God's children were simply kind to one another, if we all loved one another... isn't this at the heart of the gospel?

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