Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Recommended Reading

Focusing on some scripture reading and some writing in my personal journal, and revving up for all the neat things I want to share here... {Please pray?}

And thinking about some of the amazing things God has done, the things God has promised me, the prayers He has answered and is and answering...

So it is with my heart-splitting-open, joy to overflowing, hope-infused and confident-in-His-promises heart that I share the following amazing posts by my Jesus-sisters that I have read over the last few days.

They have blessed and encouraged me and confirmed things in my heart that God has been whispering.

If you have the time to read these beautiful posts, I know you will be blessed too.

Jeanne's post: {Diving In}

Ann's post: {Prayer For A Daughter}

Jodi's post: {Aliens Can't Read Your Mind- God Can}

Be blessed, friends!

~amy danielle

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