Thursday, August 18, 2011

The First Couple Days

Hi friends.

In case you're new here, I am writing about the amazing healing that took place in my life a couple weeks ago. {God is so good!} If you missed the first posts, please check out these links:

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All caught up? Great. Now I can go on to the first day AFTER I was healed. I am going to try to describe this for you the best I can, being completely honest....

I woke up early with a MASSIVE headache. My head was throbbing and I was incredibly nauseated. I did not feel very well, but what I felt was much more like a hangover than arthritis pain. I had no joint pain or swelling {I WAS HEALED!} but it became pretty clear that going cold turkey off of all my medications was causing my body to seriously detox.

I got up, thanked the Lord for healing me, and got into the shower. I stood under the hot water and began singing and praising the Lord. I did not doubt I had been healed. I only wondered how long I was going to be going through withdrawals from the drugs, realizing that it could be days or even weeks, based on the amount of time I had taken them and the potency of several of the medications. Still, I decided to just go ahead and praise God, knowing this was temporary and trusting He had done a great work in my life.

I have to admit, my head throbbed and I felt that vertigo, nauseated feeling most of the day.

I called Laurette. I asked her what she thought I should do, since I didn't want to go back on any of the medications, but at the same time I didn't want to feel so sick either. I wanted to know what would be the best way to walk in faith through this process. She explained to me these medications would not heal me, or prevent me from being healed. She said that I should pray and ask God for wisdom, but suggested that taking medication to relieve my symptoms (such as my headache and nausea) could be done in faith.

After I got off of the phone, I prayed. Then I took something for my headache and nausea. I began to feel better and was able to get up, move to the couch, and spend the evening visiting with my family.

{May I just say something here, with as much gentleness and love as I can? We are not cookie-cutter people. God works with all of us a little bit differently. I don't know that there is a *right* or *wrong* way to walk in faith with the Lord. I know some people who would not have taken the medication. I know others who have been healed, but have weaned off of their medications slowly. I hope that my testimony does not cause anyone to stumble, but I *do* want to share what happened, as honestly as possible. I think it is *so* important that we seek the Lord as to His will in all things, not trying to do things on our own or even emulate another believer's life. He gently leads and promises to give wisdom to all who ask Him for it....}

I went to bed without a headache, without nausea, and without arthritis (or any of the other things I suffered with).

I woke up the next day with the strangest sensation I had ever experienced. I will try to describe it, but it is really beyond words. I felt like I was on fire inside my body.

I was incredibly hot, like there was a fire burning inside of me. I was drinking lots of water, broth... and it felt like it was literally evaporating. I was not feverish, I was not even sweating. There was no outward sign I was as hot as I was. But I felt so hot, I was putting ice packs on my body.

I prayed and asked the Lord what was going on, and he brought something back to my mind.

My parents had been praying with their church for me to be healed for weeks. One night, at their prayer meeting, they prayed corporately for me, and afterward a man approached my step-dad. He told him that while they were praying for me, he was given a vision. In his vision, there was an angel holding fire in his cupped hands. The angel began to blow the fire through my body, burning the sickness up. My step-dad came home and told me about it that night, but I didn't know what to make of it. {It *does* sound a little odd, I know.}

I prayed and asked God what I should think about it, and really didn't hear anything right away. So I kind of forgot about it.

But as I sat there, the second day after I was healed, praying, the Lord brought this back to my mind. I believe, {I know it sounds crazy!} but I believe this is what I was experiencing.

I can say now, in hindsight, that I think not only illness was burned up, but all my withdrawal symptoms as well. I experienced this *burning* sensation most of the day, by evening it went away. I have not had to take any drugs since, and all my detox/withdrawal symptoms were gone from that day forward! Praise the Lord!!

I can imagine there are some of you reading this who are raising your eyebrows right now. I realize how this sounds. But it is true.

I find it fascinating that Jesus healed in so many ways. A quick perusal of the gospels shows that Jesus was not limited to a method. And while Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, He treats us all as individuals. I love this about Him.

For everything that God does, there is a ripple effect....

My children will never doubt that God still performs miracles. They see one every day in their mama.

To Him be all the glory.

~amy danielle

{Are you needing a miracle, friends? Please feel personally invited to leave your prayer requests in the comments box....

More to come: posts on walking out my faith- what this looks like in my life ~and~ scripture promises I am believing and that ignited faith in my heart. Please check back!}


  1. Awesome. I meant to mention to you in your last post, Amy, that I've felt for a while now that you had a sense that God was going to heal you. I believe He began speaking to your spirit weeks ago (I remember a conversation we had back in April) to build your faith for this moment. It is very obvious to me. I also remember how He spoke to me some years ago when my Nick was healed of muscular dystrophy and how the Holy Spirit nudged me in ways I could not deny the miraculous healing power of God. People look at me strange when I tell that story, but I also believe that God works in ways where He will receive the most glory...and when that includes a miraculous healing, we are compelled to tell that story whether people think we are strange or not. And yes - there is not a cookie-cutter faith walk. We don't know why God chooses to heal in one situation, but not in another - only that however He moves, it is to His great glory and our great pleasure. Much love, Patricia

  2. God approaches us all in different ways, according to His wishes for us. Thank you for sharing the momentous happenings in your healing.

  3. I meant to write earlier, but got distracted.

    Amy Danielle, could you please pray for me? I'm both physically and spiritually broken.

    Thank you for sharing your story of healing and for praying.

  4. Yes, I will pray. If you drop me an email, we can exchange phone numbers and I can pray with you, sweet sister. xo


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