Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Peeking over My Shoulder

We recycle. This may not sound interesting or impressive to most of the world, but it *is* a tad unusual for the area we live in. We don't have a second trash bin for recyclables. We collect our own, and drive it down to the tiny recycle center a couple times a month.

Really, that's not what this post is about. But it does explain a bit of background. Because our oldest boys have been taught, over and over again, which items go into the recycle bin: Plastic milk jugs and cardboard cartons, boxes pasta came in and plastic containers of yogurt and sour cream and the like...

One of my sons was taking one such item outside to the bin this afternoon. I was watching him do it. When he got out there, he tossed it toward the bin. He missed. And then, he looked over his shoulder. He saw I was looking, so he bent over, picked it up, and put it where it belonged.

But it was obvious he was not planning to do so until he knew I was watching.

And it made me wonder- am I like that in regards to God?

I mean, on some level I know God is always watching. But I would not be honest if I were to act as though things go on exactly the same when I am aware of His presence and when I'm completely oblivious.

I forget. I fail. I sin.

I have what one of my favorite blogger-friends calls "soul amnesia."

And yet, I believe that Jesus Christ is a very real Presence in my home, in my life, in my day-to-day activities.

I believe.

So today, my prayer is that I would always see Him with the eyes of faith, every time I look over my shoulder.

And maybe that I wouldn't have to look over my shoulder in the first place.

~scribbled down during the organized chaos of my day,

amy danielle

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