Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When life gets Loud

I have eight {soon-to-be nine} children. I am accustomed to noise, on some level. But I would like to say that not all noise is considered equal.

When my children are talking, playing, running and laughing, they are loud. But it is a good loud.

It's the bickering, arguing and fighting that gets to me.

Sometimes, I feel pretty worn out breaking up fights all day long. I crave peace. Not necessarily quiet, though I confess sometimes that sounds pretty appealing as well. But just that peace that passes all understanding when tempers flare and chaos reigns and everything feels a lot bigger than it really is.

Jesus said all the commandments could be summed up in just two: Love God and love others. Perhaps all of Christianity could be encapsulated in just that. It's simple, but not always easy to live out.

Because love is not just a fuzzy feeling that comes and goes, but an action that is intentional, that sometimes costs us something. 1 Corinthians 13 defines love. Love is patient and kind, even when it doesn't feel like it. It isn't self-seeking or easily angered. It doesn't keep record of wrongs, and it never gives up.

This is the kind of love that families need, this love that forgives and covers. The freedom to make mistakes, the grace to be forgiven. The peace that tempers the noise. The determination to speak those words of gentleness when you'd rather raise your voice and give vent to your anger.

And this only comes from Jesus.

{Oh Father! In all the noise, the bickering and fighting, please be present. Teach us to love. Give us wisdom, soft words on our tongues that turn away anger, gentleness to extend when harshness pervades the atmosphere of this family... Let us love like You do, with patience and self-sacrifice, not thinking of ourselves, but You, and others. Always others. May your Spirit reign in our hearts, and Your peace that passes all understanding be ours today. May it spill out of us, onto our children, our spouses, and all those whose paths we cross. In Jesus's Name I pray. Amen.}

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