Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hanging in There

Today has been one of those days when the children have all been too loud and unruly and the sheer noise and chaos of it all has left me feeling a teeny bit overwhelmed. I should have known it would be this way first thing this morning because I did not sleep well last night, and when I wake up feeling particularly weary, it's as if the kids sense weakness and go for the kill.

Well. I may be slightly exaggerating. But not much. {Ask me on a day I am well rested for a less biased opinion.}

Anyway, all day long I have been looking forward to bedtime. Ahhh, the sheer bliss of peace and quiet! And I am craving quiet in a pretty desperate way.

Last year {or was it the year before? I can't remember...} we replaced the carpeting in our living room and hall way with hard floors. And I am so glad about it because our carpet was old and yucky and I literally cleaned it about every two weeks. {Just ask my friend Becky if you don't believe me.} I have BOYS, y'all. They go outside and come back in covered in dirt. COVERED. I've considered not allowing them out, but boys really NEED to go outside {so do girls, incidentally}. Or maybe it's that I really NEED them to go outside sometimes. Either way.

We can now {thankfully} easily sweep up all the dirt they track inside, but it isn't without a serious trade-off: The hard floors do not absorb noise like carpet can. Sometimes, I miss the carpet. Just not enough to trade my hard floors. I think the best solution might be for me to lose a little of my hearing. You know, just enough to happily dull out some of the background noise. Yeah, that would do it.

My RA has been pretty flared up lately, which leaves me with some pain and swelling and lots of fatigue, but not-so-great sleep. Somehow, this makes being a patient mama a bit more challenging. And something is up with my vocal chords. Maybe there's a little swelling going on there too, because when I read aloud to the kiddos earlier, I lost my voice.

There are lots of things I want to do, but only so much of me to go around. I'm trying to accept my limitations and do the best I can. And I'm trying not to be a great big baby and cry when my toddler unravels an entire roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom floor. Which is wet, by the way. *Sigh*

It's not that big of a deal, right?

I keep thinking about this post I want to write about my thoughts for this new year, and I'm quite sure I will get around to it... eventually. But as for right now, I am not all that concerned about it and just waiting for a better time, when I'm in a more contemplative mood.

Because today aint it, friends.

Just sayin'.


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