Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stomach Bugs

Yesterday was plain awful.

Well. I guess the whole day wasn't bad, but it started falling apart pretty quickly after dinner. Owen started it off by vomiting all over himself in the car when Trever took him to pick the children up from their church classes. We got him out, we got him bathed, we got his car seat taken apart and its cover in the wash with his clothes. And then he threw up again.

It seems this was just the beginning of a night long vomit fest.

Aiden decided to join the party at about one a.m.

I sat in the bathroom supervising Aiden and Owen in the bathtub while Trever took the couch cushion covers off and threw them in the wash, along with more soiled clothes, towels and blankets. Just when we'd feel it may be safe to take them out of the tub and get them dried off and dressed to go back to bed, they'd throw up again. All over the floor, themselves, me, Trever, etc.

We gave them some Pepto Bismol. They threw that up. We let them sip ginger ale. They threw that up too. Poor little things. After a while you could tell they were tired out and lethargic, but still they were sick.

Finally, they settled into little pallets we made them on the floor. {The couch cushion covers were not all back in place yet, and neither were their blankets and such finished through the wash cycle.} We relented and put on Caillou. {I am not a fan, but they love him.} They went to sleep, and I stumbled back into my bed at about 3 a.m.

And while they slept until almost 9, Dylan was up at 7, hugging the toilet. Poor little guy.

Thankfully, we are now caught up on laundry and everyone seems to be feeling better. I have no idea what that was all about. I just know I am one tired mama today.

I had planned to run a couple errands this afternoon, but that has all been put off for another day. Maybe tomorrow. Today consists mainly of airing out the house, lazying about, reading, sipping hot tea, napping and just recovering from yesterday.

Soup and sandwiches are on the menu for supper tonight. Easy, warming and comforting. I am contemplating an early bedtime, too.

And I have decided not to be too unhappy about it.


  1. Not funny! Iwish you success. Sick children makes our mother's heart hurt!

  2. Those are rough times. Glad everyone's feeling better now.


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