Monday, January 9, 2012

My Awesome Family

The pizza dough I made has been rising about an hour now, and is just about ready to be rolled out and transformed into delicious, homemade pizzas by my handsome husband. I am sitting on our couch, listening to the boys play Monopoly, and thankful they didn't insist on me playing, since I loathe the game with a passion. Justice and Aiden are playing happily with their blocks, Andrew is frying bacon {presumably to go on the pizzas} and the other children are occupied with watching the pizzas materialize. {Owen is actually rolling out a very small little lump of dough, imitating his daddy, and the others are instructing him. It's pretty stinkin cute.}

Though it is a little louder than I'd prefer, I am feeling pretty grateful right now.

The room I am sitting in was painted by my mom and sister this weekend. It makes me feel like I am sitting in a whole new house. See, I had painted it about five years ago, a chocolatey brown color. I liked it a lot, at the time. Now, though, I am living with a chronic illness that keeps me home a lot more than I used to be. What once felt like a warm room began feeling dark and oppressive.

I have read that people are sensitive to light, or the lack thereof, so much so that not getting enough light can actually cause depression. I fully believe this is true.

The living room and hallway are now a light, peachy beige.

And when I look at it, I remember that my family really loves me. My mom and sister did not have to use up one of their weekends after working full-time all week to come up here {a four hour drive, one way} and work the whole weekend on my house. But they did. And they did a really great job, by the way.

I kind of lost it a little bit, in fact. My mom had me ride with her to the store to pick up a couple things, and when we were getting out of the car, I happened to glance over and see a little paperback book, face down, in the middle of the two front sears in the car. It caught my eye because I thought it looked familiar, so I turned it over. It was Lisa Copen's book, Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways To Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend. I had written about it in this blog post, a couple weeks ago. I had strongly recommended it to anyone who wanted to love, encourage and understand a friend or family member with chronic illness.Link
My mom quickly grabbed the book out of my hand, calling me nosy, or some other silly thing. But I had seen. "Christin bought the book?" I asked, voice a little trembly.

It made me cry. This one little thing spoke volumes to my heart. I never asked her to buy the book. But her wanting to understand, to bless and help... it was just another gesture that screamed- YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU. It also made me realize my sister regularly reads my blog. I didn't actually know that, but I think it is pretty awesome.

My family is awesome. My heart feels full.

And that is really something amazing to be grateful for.


  1. Bless you my sister in Christ....I know the pain of chronic illness and as a mother I know the guilt we feel when we cannot fulfill what we think we should be doing...and that, dear sister , is CRAP. Sorry for cussing, I just know we do this to ourselves when the Lord would never do it. Bless you and keep you,

  2. So happy for the love you have been shown Amy x.


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