Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Things

My husband woke me up this morning reminding me that I needed to go get blood work done and promising me Starbucks if I got moving. So, off to the hospital we went, one iced vanilla latte in my system. A small thing, but something to be grateful for just the same.

There was a short line in the laboratory waiting room, and we were called back within five minutes. Thankfully, the phlebotomist who took my blood recognized I have wimpy veins and that I bruise easily and he selected a tiny butterfly needle, so the blood work went smoothly and without any issues. A minor thing, but something to be thankful for all the same. The alternative- multiple sticks and bruising up my entire arm that makes me look like a drug addict for a week or more- is notably less pleasant.

Then my husband treated me to lunch. This feels like a much bigger thing, actually, because with having several children we don't eat out {or alone} very often. Both cost and practicality hinder us from dining out much. It was lovely just to have his companionship and a relaxing meal.

I suppose I am just thinking about how little things, when noticed and lived fully, make for a very satisfying life.

Last night, I lifted my shirt to expose my growing tummy and Libby was delighted to actually see her sister moving around. Perhaps it makes it that much more real to her six year old mind: her sister is in there, moving and growing and getting ready to make her debut. Precious.

Trever and I watched Courageous last night together, and I looked over at him a couple times to see him tearing up. It reminds me that beneath his sometimes rough exterior, he is a tender soul. This makes me love him all the more. Little things.

I had a delightful phone call with one of my best friends yesterday. I don't talk on the phone much these days, so getting to talk with her {for an hour and a half!} was an unexpected treat. Trever brought me sushi for lunch and let me finish my phone call and then kept the children quiet so I could take a {much needed} nap.

Little things that feel HUGE, and that make me so happy.

All these little blessings make up a life, my life, and can shape the way I view things, if I am mindful and aware of them. Like trickles of water that gather together from near and far to form a strong, rushing stream....

Even though my body feels weary, my soul feels alive, content.

~amy danielle

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