Friday, January 27, 2012

Linky Love

Just a few links I have been gathering up throughout this week, that I wanted to share. There is a little bit of everything- articles, recipes, products I think are lovely...

First, the lovely blog posts I have read over the past week or so that have stuck with me:

Tonia's lovely post
{This one made an impression}
Suzy's lovely post {*DO* make sure you get to the end where she lists the books she's been enjoying and {most especially} the amazing poem at the end}
Jodi's lovely post {Worth the glance just for the Lewis quote at the beginning- I love that quote!- but also her beautiful pictures}
Katherine's lovely post {A beautiful read about welcoming children in church. Resonated deeply with me}

Next, those of you who know me well know I have a weakness for Nutella. I think Nutella with pretzels is my favorite- something about that sweet and salty combination- but this recipe is definitely a close second. Nutella Hot Chocolate! Easy to make and delicious, though I will warn you, very rich. My husband and I enjoyed a cup together this week. And yes, it *is* worth it to make your own homemade whipped cream. {Thanks, Kelly! for sending me the recipe!}

Next is an online shop I think is really neat because all of their products are natural and yummy and good for you- soaps and shampoos and lotions {oh my!} AND they are still safe for the Earth, with very little packaging... It *is* a UK company, so for those of you who live in the US {or other places} you will have to convert from pounds to your currency. Still, when I am ready to buy more shampoo and soap, this is where I am ordering from. {Thanks, Penelope, for passing this site along, and the one below as well!}

As a bit of background for this next item, I will remind you that Amy Carmichael is my favorite author. She was an Irish-born missionary to India. She worked mainly with the lower castes- the Dalits, or "untouchables". I have always has a place in my heart for these precious people. This company sells candle jars made by the Dalits, which supports them financially. Lots of neat products to choose from, all beautiful.

And for a lovely way to give a gift and still do something with your money that will bless others, this company sells sweet bracelets that provide one week of food for one child with each purchase.

Lastly, maybe some of you have seen this YouTube video that has been making the rounds, about hating religion but loving Jesus? While I certainly *do* see many of the points made in the video, I found this article and found it to be so balanced that I wanted to share it here. Please feel personally invited to share your thoughts in the comment box below if you are able to find a few minutes to read it.

Enjoy! May the peace of God be with you this weekend, kind friends.

~amy danielle

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