Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simplicity & Writing

Finding a good time to embrace any kind of regularity in writing is surprising quite difficult for me, it seems. With the new year, I decided I wanted to make writing more of a regular habit, not quite so sporadic. I don't know that I am hoping so much for breathtaking insight as much as a time each day to reflect, focus, ponder...

But finding the time is the trick.

Mornings are tough because all the kiddos are up and there are about a million distractions. We home school. It's life.

Evenings, I'm just beat. Sometimes I write then anyway, but I wonder how coherent my thoughts are and how well I am communicating. I can only assume this trend will continue, as I begin my third trimester next week.

Afternoons seem like the logical solution except, well, that's when I tend to try to sneak in a nap. And really, there is no way I am giving up naps. We are finally at the point where the children neatly fit into two groups for nap time purposes: those young enough to need one and those old enough to be quiet and read while the others sleep. Works well for me.

It isn't that I don't write at other times besides just the time I am on the computer- I do. I write in private journals, I write letters, and I do an exorbitant amount of writing in my head. In a way, I am always writing.

I admit, rheumatoid arthritis has slowed me down a bit. I am much more fatigued, tired, weak- and what with my hands swelling, I do less writing holding a pen. It makes me a little sad. Still, slowing down is not the same as stopping, and my husband has assured me that if ever I get to the point where I can no longer continue writing, he will purchase one of those nifty programs that write for you while you speak. {Sounds like torture to my technology-resistant brain, but I'm sure somewhere deep down I posses the ability to learn to use it.}

In any case, I am hoping to pop in here a bit more regularly this year. No promises. No resolutions. I'm not even going to come up with a goal concerning this endeavor. {I.e. I hereby solemnly swear I will write here at this blog at least three times a week as long as I shall live...}


I don't need any more deadlines or promises to keep. {Read: more pressure and more ways to feel like I am failing if I don't live up to my own unrealistic expectations.}

I'm just keeping it simple.

Simple feels right to me.

~amy danielle

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