Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hard to believe, but fourteen years ago today, I gave birth to my very first baby.

Having him was, quite possibly, the best thing I had ever done in my whole life up to that point.  See, I wasn't a Christian {though I went to church with my family and *knew better*}and I was very, very young and unmarried and wanted to finish college first, and, have I ever mentioned? Ahem. I was on birth control and did *NOT* want children. Like, ever.

I was not the girl who loved to snuggle babies. I passed on all the babysitting jobs and gave them instead to my super-nurturing little sister.

Sure, I was wildly in love with my baby daddy and figured we'd eventually get married and all that. But not NOW. Later, when all our ducks were lined up neatly in a row and we had our degrees and good jobs {yes, I planned to work outside the home, thankyouverymuch} and maybe even after we had moved in with one another for a while...

THEN, we'd get married. But I still wasn't Jonesen for kids.

I strongly considered abortion. Just seemed the *responsible* thing to do. {Yes, I really believed that.}

But something {Someone?} held me back...

I knew then, instinctively, that my whole life had changed. It was no longer about whether or not I would become a mother someday. I. WAS. a. mother. NOW. 

Andrew's birth...

I'm not sure that anything else could have changed me so completely.

Prior to having children, I had no idea what a self centered human being I was.

I remember seeing him, this tiny vulnerable little baby boy, for the first time, and being startled with the reality: It is shocking how much you can love someone you've just barely met.

Andrew, aside from Jesus and your daddy, I doubt there is anyone else in this world who has shaped my life as much as you have.

There are moments in life when you sort of just sit back and feel profoundly grateful.

Today, his birthday, is like that for me.

~amy danielle


  1. Thank you for sharing your authentic story. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy.

  2. Andrew is such a wonderful young man and I am so glad that you brought him into this world...:D

  3. Happy birthday to your boy. What a good story you have, to look back and see that Someone, waiting for you. Rejoicing with you in His grace.

  4. Amy, my story is so similar! My eldest is 14. I was a single mum till she was two and I met Tani!
    I also considered abortion for a previous pregnancy scare, but something changed inside of me when I became pregnant with Emmy (Emmanuelle)
    I had her at 18. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
    Happy birthday to your dear boy!


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