Sunday, May 20, 2012


When we moved to Georgia, eight years ago {gasp!}, we bought a little house which was {what we thought} exactly the right size for our family. We had, at that time, four children, all of whom were six years old and under. The home we bought was under 1400 square feet, three bedrooms, two baths, blah blah blah.

We still live in that home, folks.

Now we have nine children. And while bunk beds have helped, they have served mainly to put off the inevitable. So we are currently transforming part of our garage into another bedroom for our two oldest boys to move into.

One of our dear friends, who has a lot of experience in carpentry, is helping us, and I am hoping that we will have most of it completed today {yay!}. The walls are up. We just need paint, carpet laid, and a few other minor details. Trever is planning to build the boys a couple of new beds, but as far as I see it, they can always use sleeping bags until that is done. They're 14 and 11 year old boys. And they are really pretty thrilled to be moving into the new room, so I'm not anticipating sleeping bag resistance.

Other than that, I have no concrete plans for the day. I had hoped we'd all be off to church this morning, but as I mentioned, today has been set aside for finishing the garage, since today is a day both Trever and Jay have off of work. Maybe we will make it to the evening service.

I'm thinking of making soup for dinner- a nice hearty minestrone or some such.

In other news, my morning started out with two of my boys getting into a fist fight and throwing bowls of half eaten cereal across the kitchen at one another.

I regularly think to myself, girls don't do this kind of stuff. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are girls the nation over who try to solve their relational issues with a good, swift punch to someone else's nose. But I kinda doubt it. *sigh*

Oh yeah, and I think I have laryngitis. I've almost completely lost my voice. Try breaking up fights with no voice. You resort to whacking your boys upside their heads with the closest thing possible- in my case, my favorite Pampered Chef rubber spatula. Those things are well made, y'all, and clearly good for more than one purpose in the kitchen.

Like whacking boys who throw their cereal.

Who knew?


Must. Go. Get. Some. Now.

~amy danielle


  1. Just wanted to say love you :)
    Girls get all touchy and emotional and want to talk things through for hours and hours :)
    Sometimes I think I'd like a little more of that boy "simplicity." :)
    We have tiny house too! One of the perks, I always tell myself, is at least there's less to clean :)

    1. Well, however much you may crave *boy simplicity*, don't punch any one in the nose. Or throw cereal. Instant gratification is overrated. {wink}

      Love you back, girl. xo

  2. Ah...two special gals, right here in one place. Love you both. And Amy, I'm really liking these honest, day in the life kind of posts you're doing. You have so much good to share with us just by being yourself with all your momma-of-many wisdom. Thank you for the honesty and the simple sharing.

    1. Thanks Tonia. You bless.
      Love you. xo


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