Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This morning, I read a Facebook post by one of my friends in which she asked this question: Who are you going to invest in today?

I got to thinking about this and my first response was to internally mull over all the ways I could invest in each of my nine children. 

One of my sons is having a rather hard time socially right now, and I am pondering the ways I can encourage him and love him through this hard phase.

And then I was thinking about Aiden. He is the little guy you see in the picture I posted. He is 5 years old. The embarrassing truth is that sometimes in our home, he gets a wee bit overlooked, simply because he is easy. The tyranny of the urgent always causes me to focus more time and energy on other children who tend to demand it. And Aiden? He just goes contentedly along without much fuss.

He is a sweet boy, affectionate and observant. I have noticed lately that he likes to be near me, even if it is only to climb up in my bed, sit next to me with his coloring book and crayons, and quietly color pages. He will occasionally ask me which of his completed works of art I like the best, and he always wants to know the reasons why I think one is nicer than another. Then he sort of just takes it all in and quietly goes on to the next thing.

The thing is, I really like him. :)

But I think I am going to work on being a little more intentional about letting him know it, and about finding ways to invest in his little life. 

And before I set my computer to the side for the day and focus some concentrated time with my children, I have to add that my sweet daughter Libby is having a dreadful time lately. She is missing a friend, sad and crying and lonesome, and I'd do about anything to help her, but we are having a very hard time finding girls for her to be friends with. I could use some prayer and insight on this. Poor thing.

~amy danielle

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