Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just getting started writing...

I told my friend Margaret I would join along and write something here every day for the month of November. Well. I actually said I'd TRY, and while I meant it, I've already skipped the first two days. So I'm off to a great start. Oy.

Really though, I tend to either have too much to say that it feels frustrating to try to get it all out, or else I don't feel like anything I'm thinking of writing is all that worthwhile or interesting so I just don't.

I've read that writers ought to write anyway, regardless. Get started and the words will just come. We shall see. As of this moment, I've just stalled by making my first three paragraphs about nothing much at all. I'm sneaky like that.

The fall is here and while we occasionally get a rogue eighty degree day sent by Satan to force us to have to use our air conditioners in NOVEMBER, for the most part it is much cooler. We have lived in Georgia for over nine years now and I sometimes have folks ask me why I'm not used to the humidity yet. I typically reply by telling them that people in Hell do not acclimate to the heat and I see Georgia's humidity to be a synonymous climate.

I enjoy the crisp air. My body does NOT.

My joints flare up and the fatigue sets in and I feel crappy from the moment I open my eyes. And speaking of my eyes, no one seems to be able to identify their color. They're kind of a greeny-blue. Aqua-ish. But they don't have a box for that on your driver's license, so I usually just mark the green box.

My hair is that way also. It's not true red, but it's a reddish brown with a good deal of silver streaked in. I tell my children those are my wisdom highlights.

It's funny I never seem to fit neatly into any box, and that has never been more true than lately.

I've been struggling a good bit with my faith, wrestling with God and just coming up tired. I can save that for another day though. Don't want to use everything all at once or I'll definitely not have anything to write come day 30 of November.

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