Saturday, November 9, 2013

True joy

Today, I went to my beautiful friend Michelle's house and wrapped boxes that we collectively stuffed with goodies for Operation Christmas Child.

The best part for me though, was after all the work was done and I got to sit down at the table with Michelle and Suzette and talk about Jesus. It was refreshing to hear Suzette relay some of the things she has seen God doing, about how He is leading her... And to discover He is doing very much the same thing in my own heart and life! It floors me sometimes to see how perfectly God lines up the circumstances and people, in His timing, and reassures your heart that He is hearing and answering your prayers.

I'd like to go to church tomorrow if I can, because I've been told the message will be on the sermon on the mount, which is arguably my favorite passage in the entire bible. I'm not sure if I'll. be able to though, because I have this cough settling down into my chest, and while I don't think I am contagious, I don't want to take that chance. Our pastor's wife just had a baby and he spent his first week outside of the safety of his mama's body in the Neonatal intensive care unit.

We prayed, Michelle, Suzette, Libby and myself, for my body to be healed today. I've prayed this for quite a while, but I am grateful for opportunities to have other believers pray for/with me. Whatever God decides to do, my soul is at peace. I'm resting in Him, and perhaps now more than any other time in my life, I am becoming more and more aware, more conscious, of His Indwelling presence.

A huge distinction from my previous understanding of walking God is that while I have always believed Jesus "comes to live in our hearts", I thought the best I could do for direction in life was to read my bible, pray, and try to discern what Jesus would want me to do in any given situation. Now, I am learning to distinguish His Indwelling voice from my own, and allow myself to simply be His vessel. Without Him, I can do nothing. But with Him, in Him? I have life and joy and peace. I can grow as I gain experience walking according to the Spirit, and not according to the flesh.

This is the victorious life.

This is true joy.


  1. I hope your chest cold goes away FAST. I would like to be a little mouse close by as you speak to your friends about Jesus. I know that your words pleased Him.

    1. I wish you could be here too, and not as a mouse, sweet Pom Pom! Xoxo

  2. The minister of our new church told me recently, while I confessed my lack of spiritual discipline in study, that we can be too fixed on the study that comes from us and not enough aware of the spiritual indwelling of us that God does freely and abundantly and continually. That set me free a little, and consequently I find myself seeking God more.

    1. I love that you shared that, Mags! Isn't is lovely, the way that works? Xoxo

  3. You mentioned last time that you'd like to keep a spiritual journal -- perhaps this blog is rather like that, and you're already doing it! This post surely qualifies. So true that we must learn, slowly, how to be sensitive to the Spirit's leading in our hearts. He does not come in with a megaphone, and we must listen and discern and respond. Very wise.


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