Friday, November 8, 2013

Craving quiet

I am going to start this post by saying I love my kids. I do. I love them.

Even when they are acting like trolls and driving me crazy.

Which they have been, quite a bit over the last few days. And it's never all of them at once, thank heavens, or I'd certainly be done for. It's just when you have nine children, and even two or three of them are being bratty, it feels like a lot. Although I suppose it's really only about one third of them. It's all perspective, isn't it?

I've been craving time alone is really what it is. As you can imagine, that's hard to come by here. I used to stay up quite late just because all the kids were in bed and I could write or read more than sentence without five trillion interruptions. I don't do that very often anymore because as much as I want the quiet I need the sleep more.

Sometimes I do stay in my bed after I've woken up and pretend I'm still sleeping when the kids start opening the door to see if I'm awake. Okay, so I do that almost every day. In my defense, most of my littler kids wake up the roosters. It's ridiculous.

I'd like to spend sometime journaling my spiritual journey. I feel like God is teaching me so many new things and I don't want to forget them or lose them in the hectic every day quotidian.

We made pumpkin swirl eggnog French toast for supper. With bacon. We are cleaned up and ready for bible study tonight. Had a lovely morning with a new friend who I enjoy immensely. I'm so grateful for those relationships that are easy and low maintenance, where personalities just click and you can feel yourself unwind and breathe when you're together. Isn't that lovely?

Unsure about plans for the weekend. I have a couple of things I'm considering but haven't made up my mind just yet.

And I splurged and bought a hideously expensive pair of alpaca socks. They're supposed to be uber warm and no matter what I try I simply can not keep my feet warm. A good deal of it is because of my Raynaud's, but I'm getting desperate for warmth and it's just getting colder outside... And honestly if they work well, I will buy more of them, even though they are almost THIRTY DOLLARS. A PAIR.

Well, our friends are beginning to arrive so I'm off.

{The online course I am taking is through  It is called Living By The Indwelling Christ. I'm about 3 sessions in. Fabulous.}


  1. If anyone deserves alpaca socks, you do. Enjoy them.

  2. I know cold feet can be a misery and I can imagine that yours are worse than mine, with your condition. But I think of that the saying "Cold hand (or feet, in your case!), warm heart"! Your heart is warm and open and generous!

  3. There's so much from which to learn in this post! But I'm going to take the sleep over up late bit tonight because I am done! Will be back to re-read tomorrow xx

  4. I wish you many pair of alpaca socks, AD. I also wish you some sleep! I remember the long days of motherhood and I myself was an early bird and took my little self to the living room to wait for the rest of the family to get out of their beds!
    I'm glad you carve out time to write your blog posts. I really like reading them. God be with you, good mama.

  5. Back again! What I'm struck with today is the parenting thing. Oh goodness, Amy, the parenting thing! Bon courage; I know I need lots!

  6. I know what you mean about wanting alone time. I have only ONE child left at home, and I still crave it. And I also pretend to be asleep sometimes :) That French toast sounds very yummy!!


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