Thursday, January 16, 2014

Being Odd

Today I am grateful that I managed to get my grocery shopping done and that tonight, I have no where I need to be but here. I'm going to make one of our favorite dishes, Pesto Bow tie Pasta, and pour a glass of apothic red wine. And then just let whatever else happens, happen.

I know I need to baby myself a little because the trip to Oregon, while lovely, was hard on me physically, and I'm still recovering. I've slept in until past ten the past two mornings and still find myself ready to go to bed by nine pm.

I think my sweet Ella Grace may have an ear infection, as she has been pulling on her ear and started running a fever this afternoon. She is as bossy as can be when she isn't feeling good, working her brothers over like it's her job. I may be taking a trip to the pediatrician tomorrow.

I know I've got a slight head cold, nothing major, just enough to make me feel a little wimpy...

I've been thinking about how I've always wanted to be well rounded and I'm not sure why. I think it's because I figured that if I focused too much on any one thing, even if it was something I really, really loved, that I'd become really odd. But the thing is, I like odd. I AM odd. And I'm really okay with that, after all. In fact, I think it's when someone devotes so much of their time, energy and passion on that one thing they adore that makes them unique and interesting.

Life is too short to pursue everything. Better to find what you're made to do, what makes your heart sing, and do that as much as possible.

So that's my plan.

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