Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In preparation

I'm revving up for a trip to the west coast to see my bestie and her family for a few days. Traveling, for me, is both exciting and exhausting, so I am hoping for mostly the former and less of the latter. I met my Cara for a weekend retreat in Nebraska last April and it was a hard trip for both of us, in a physical sense. I think we both left so, so glad we had come, and also a little sad to have such broken bodies preventing us from trying to do the things we'd most wanted.

I actually feel like I'm in a much better place this go round, and I'm anticipating loads of lovely memories made together.

My eldest daughter, Liberty, is trying her very best to be brave and supportive but she is obviously miserable about me leaving, even for just a few short days. I have fun things landed for he. While I am gone, and promised I would call her every day, so she is momentarily pacified. I need to search around for a tiny little something for her. This sweet girl brings me hot coffee, doctored just the way I like it, every single morning, which is just about the best thing ever. She is also, perhaps, the most intrigued by and enthusiastic about my various art projects. She is very, very dear to me.

My two biggest boys, Andrew and Riley, have been gone much of the day lately, at theatre practice. Andrew was promoted to head of all lighting and sound for the entire production, which he is absolutely thrilled about. I would not be one bit surprised if this is the field he chooses to pursue a career in. He loves it and he is quite good at it, too.

Riley is the understudy to the scarecrow role in the Wizard of Oz. He is quite young to have such a big role but has a terrific memory so he should do just fine. It's good for him to have some social interaction as well, as he is painfully introverted. He seems to have found his niche with the theatre kids.

I have a whole stack of books I intend to read this year. Perhaps after my trip I'll post a list here. One of my friends is attempting to read 100 books this year, which I find a shockingly ambitious goal. I'll be perfectly happy to read two decent books a month, while still devoting a good chunk of time to lectio divina.

My word for this year is defiant. I hope to post about that after my trip as well....


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  1. Hi Amy! I hope your trip is life-giving. Your girl is a treasure, loving her mama so much.


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