Saturday, January 17, 2015


I'm listening to Bach and keeping Ella company on the couch. She is still running fever and the poor little thing positively hates taking her fever reducing medicine. I really want to get into the shower but I feel bad leaving her. I am hoping she will drift off soon and I can slip away.

I think Toby Mac is the anti-Christ. Alright, not really, but my children play his music, over and over, until I am quite sure he created his top hits in order to drive middle aged parents insane. It's devious, I tell you.

The weather outside is cool, yet inside it is stuffy. I am actually considering turning  on the air conditioning just to get some air circulating. I'm sweltering in here. I'd open the windows except it would seem my children have tampered {read:destroyed} the screens, so opening the window means letting my toddler or dachshund effectively escape.

We are making chicken burritos and having over friends for dinner at 6:30; Andrew has also invited his girlfriend, per my request. I am hoping to feel a tad more pepped up by the time they arrive. My hair is rather scary right now and Lord knows I could use a dash or two of make up. My friend Deb affectionately calls this "spackling".

My three youngest boys are running about sporting buzzed heads, thanks very much to their father. I usually cut it myself, but my hands have been flaring for a long while and I guess he just couldn't tolerate it any longer. I am rather like a hippie myself, so it didn't bother me nearly as bad, but oh well. It looks less-than-fantastic but it IS hair and it WILL grow.

I am definitely depressed. I don't want to leave my house and I don't want to spend time with people I love, even though I am forcing myself to do so because I always feel some better when I do, but it is most assuredly an up-hill battle. I've run out of Elementary re-runs and actually miss Sherlock and Watson, as if they are real people in my life.

I am almost finished with my book and ready to begin another. I will have to assume a fair amount of discipline in order to reach my goal of 50 books this year read.

May as well jump back in now. I have a little time before guests arrive.


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