Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Did I mention recently that my doctor actually told me I need to drink more coffee? I don't know why, but this struck me as odd coming out of my doctor's mouth. Seems they're usually the ones who are telling you to back off of the caffeine.

I have chronic fatigue, and these new meds are not helping. I feel tired all the time. By 7:30 p.m. I am basically a zombie. I could make sweet love to my jammies and the memory-foam topper on my bed. I start to watch a program with my husband (we are currently making our way through back-seasons of Elementary) and become so exhausted, I literally can not keep my eyes open. I start squinting to make the screen come into focus or rest my eyes through unimportant dialogue. Eventually, the Mr. catches me at it and tells me we can pause the show and resume it tomorrow, and he tucks me in and I crash.

I've been sleeping like the dead but I still wake up tired.

At my last visit, my doctor and I discussed the fact that he has prescribed me two stimulants to help me stay awake during the day. One of them wasn't very effective and the other one made me feel like I was having a heart attack. I tried it twice and gave it up. So he asked me how much coffee I drank. I told him I have one cup when I wake. He suggested I follow it with another a couple hours later and so on until around 5 p.m., when I ought to stop so it doesn't interfere with my sleep.

Except I sometimes get sick of coffee. It's a little hard on my stomach, honestly, and I'm already having issues feeling icky because of the new R.A. meds. So I've stocked up on an assortment of caffeinated beverages, mainly teas, mostly from Harney & Sons. I still need a nap most afternoons and dread leaving the house after 6, but I'm managing.

Last night, we skipped our Tuesday night Bible study (I was just too tired) and we made Julia Child's Potage Parmentier recipe. Also known as, the best potato soup of your life, which uses minimal ingredients, and even more minimal effort. Click HERE for the recipe. I basically just threw it all together, left it simmering for an hour, then served it with some French bread. The kids all told me I needed a bigger pot for next time so there would be enough for seconds.

One thing I love about winter is using my soup and chili recipes. I found a book I adored at the library a couple years back and recently found a used, paperback copy at a great price, so I snapped it up. They sell it HERE on Amazon. The recipes are mostly very, very simple- only a few ingredients- but very, very good. I haven't found one yet I've made that I didn't like. I also think I need to find a copycat recipe for Mimi's Cafe's corn chowder, which I love. There aren't any Mimi's here, else I'd just buy it direct.

Another thing: I've decided to stop posting most of my blog entries on Facebook. That's not to say I never will again, if there's something I feel important enough to warrant everybody's attention; I suppose I am just at a place in my own life where I no longer need so much validation from others. I don't want to constantly have on eye on the number of hits I've gotten. I'd rather just be a quiet voice here. I've noticed a lot of my Facebook friends post several times a day about the things that are going on in their life. There's nothing wrong with this, of course, but I do sometimes wonder what they'd do if they got no responses, no *likes* and no feedback? Just a thought...

I've not been painting much as of late- a little tired out from Christmas time. I gave my mother a canvas and I painted Trever's old, beat up Yamaha guitar. He had been begging me to and I didn't want to; I didn't want to paint something he would hate. But he kept insisting, so I painted it as a Christmas present. It's rather abstract, which is my favorite style. Here's a peek.

It still needs to be sealed with a coat of gloss, but after that is done he can add strings and it'll be a fully functional work of he{art}. 

Lots going on and very little energy/motivation to do them... My friend Tammy is having a 40th birthday party, masquerade style, on Saturday evening. My Cara is having her birthday on Sunday. My gift should arrive there Friday, and I've made her promise NOT to open it until Sunday. We'll see if she can hold out. Unopened packages and quite a temptation. Tomorrow evening we are meant to have an evening with friends. Sigh. How I love all these people and yet all I want to do is stay in bed, I am so tired.

I met a friend for coffee this morning and now I have nothing that must be done with the rest of the day- Trever is even ordering pizza for dinner- so I think I will take a wee nap. Maybe it'll help me finish our Elementary episode tonight.


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  1. It must be extremely hard to be so tired and have nine children to attend to. Your kids must be angel pies.


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