Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Oreos, Doubt and Open Hearts

A short update from tonight:

I took my anti anxiety medication  before I forced myself out the door, into a rainy sky and puddly ground, and drove to Food Lion to pick up chips and salsa and dessert. Tonight's potluck theme was Hispanic food and we were ill prepared, having not thought about it too much when we grocery shopped. I also bought Red Velvet Oreos, which I kept for myself and did not share.

I was nervous walking in, not sure how it would be, but it was fine. Good even. Still have to have our talk Saturday afternoon, but now I am feeling much more hopeful and a good deal less stressed. {Insert sigh of relief.}I didn't overshare, I don't think; I spent most my time actively listening and watching the faces and body language of the group. I was so encouraged by some of the things Danny shared, especially when he explained that a huge percentage of the church struggles with doubt, that I am not alone in that. I'm sorry other people struggle but it's also comforting to know I am not alone, and I am not abnormal.

Now for a hot cup of tea, some make up remover wipes and warm blankets to huddle under. I think I need to reread the gospels, and also Philippians. I'd like to read it in the Voice the times around. My heart is open.


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