Friday, April 8, 2016

Prophetic Paint on Blank Canvases

A couple of weeks ago, I called up and asked my dear friend Antonio to paint the vision I had in my mind. I explained to him that it was a swirling around of the concepts of hope and manna. God has me camped out on these two words, and what they represent in my life right now. Let's just say I am paying extra special attention to discovering the reality of these two things as they occur in my life.

Anchors, traditionally speaking, are symbols of hope. So, I explained that  I wanted there to be manna (a concept of daily gathering and trusting God for provision for all our daily needs) and hope, in this painting.

This is the beauty that came from that amazing conversation.

I can't wait to hang in in my bedroom, where I see it first thing every morning, as a reminder for me of the truth captured on that canvas in acrylic paint.

Antonio told me that he felt impressed to paint me leaving the manna and entering the Promised Land, where my ultimate Hope, Jesus, is. So much for me to think about. Powerful images.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that here.


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  1. Anchors to me represent security in the waves of life tosssd to and fro yet secure knowing God Yahweh can take care of anything that comes my way.The manna represent to me the word and promises of Yahweh will take care of me in all things. Despite the pain or rain. Yahweh cares for the sparrows how much more does he care for us love u sweet Amy.


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