Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amusing Snippets of Life

I wanted to invite you into our home for a few minutes. Not to hear all the noise or experience the chaos of eight small children and their army sergeant daddy. But rather to hear the funny little things they say, every day, if we have the ears to hear...

"Daddy, is God rich?" says four year old, curly headed, doe-eyed Libby.

"Yes Libby, God is very rich." replies her daddy, mildly amused.

"Well," she says in a southern drawl, "is He richer than Andrew?"

(And for those who do not know our family well, Andrew is Libby's 11 year old brother who has saved up over $100 this past year. Which is quite an accomplishment, but not comparable to God. *smile*)

"May I get up from my nap?" Six year old Josiah asks, rubbing sleep from his eyes.
"Yes Jo, but you have to get a book, sit on the couch and be quiet, because the others are still asleep. No talking."

After reading a moment or two, he looks up at me and says, "Well mom, I AM talking, just in my head."

"I wannn baawwwrrr!" Aiden, just about to turn two, declares with urgency.

"You want a bottle?" asks his mother, smiling.

"Awwww Hawww!" He says while nodding his head vigorously.

"Riley, can you get the baby?" asks the mother with one too many things in her hands.

"He's asleep mom, in his bed" replies the newly turned nine year old.

(Owen, 5 months old, as if on cue, begins WAILING at the top of his lungs.)

Andrew, the eleven year old, looks up at Riley and says, "You were saying, Riley????"

Really, children can be so very amusing.

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