Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knees To The Earth


I know it is crazy important.

I have read about it, talked about it, listened to lectures about it.

But I have a wee problem.

I just don't *do* it enough.

I always think I will, later. Just as soon as I get this or that thing done. The baby needs to be fed, I need to take a shower, I have to finish geography with the kids. A phone call. An e-mail. (Dare I say it???) Facebook.


And I know there is something to the idea of praying through all this, breath prayers, or silently in your head. There's certainly nothing wrong with praying while you are taking a shower. Per se.

But I find this does not always work well for me. My mind wanders. I realize I need to give my undivided attention to God more often. More regularly. I also find this is best done if I pray out loud. It is much easier to stay focused, concentrated, when I am not inside my own head.

I need to be deliberate, to move out of my comfort zone, in prayer.

To pray WITH my husband, awkward though it may feel at first.

To pray out loud, over my children. And with them, too. To regularly bring them into His presence.

I remember reading in The Screwtape Letters (which is fabulous, and I highly recommend it) that human beings are amphibious creatures. That is, we are both spirit AND body. You can not entirely divorce one from the other.

I grew up believing God did not much care about the posture I was in while I prayed. This may be partly true. But it sure makes a difference to me when I consciously place both my mind and body in a place of submission.

I plan to spend more time with bowed knees, bowed head, bowed heart.

Conversely, on my face, or face toward Heaven with hands uplifted in worship.

That my BODY be a living sacrifice.

I am certain there will still be shower prayers, prayers when I pour my coffee in the morning, prayers when my clock chimes the hour.

But I am convicted my prayers need to be more intentional.

And really, the only way to learn more about prayer, is to pray.

*All this beautiful artwork is by Ron Dicianni.


  1. Yes, I need to be more diligent in my prayer time too. I agree the way to get better at it is by doing it.

  2. I loved this. I think my Friday night group may do the Screwtape Letters this fall :)

    I love the word 'intentional' because I have been using it a lot lately in my discussions about Christian discipline (so very timely). Love you!

  3. Encouraging and action-prompting word.

  4. All prayer is beneficial, but the slowing down and spending time with God is where we can give ourselves to Him and listen for His voice. Good thoughts on prayer.


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