Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I met my friend Michelle for dinner tonight and we had a good heart to heart. I'm usually pretty reluctant to share personal things, but it felt natural and right. Grateful for that.

In other news, I started taking an online discipleship class. So far, so good. I loved in the intro when the teacher explained that we don't need to be educated as Christians, we need to be equipped. There's a big difference there. To receive education is to be informed, but to be equipped is to be formed. I think that's such an important distinction. Especially since I've spent most of my life just gathering more and more knowledge, more information...


  1. Yay, I love that. What's the class? And your photo over there is adorable!

  2. An interesting distinction that you have made there - certainly I think we need to know what to do with the information that we have! You have a very thought provoking blog that I have found via Mags at Fraise. My November thoughts are nowhere near as erudite as yours! I just burble on about food!!

  3. I love how hugely significant your November is shaping up to be! And how we all get to share it! I, like Amy, am very interested in your course. My brother was here today telling me about an on-line Masters that he'd like to do, and then I read about your course. I think I'd like to think about doing something too! (Only thinking about, mind you. That's my personal speciality...)

  4. Hello Amy! Good for you! That sounds fun (the class)!
    Good heart to hearts with true souls really do make such nice deposits, don't they? Yay!


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